Mopar Parts – 426 Max Wedge Crossram Setup

I was more stunned then anything when I saw this Ebay posting for a 426 Max Wedge Cross Ram intake and setup. It looks to be complete and original.

426 max wedge cross ram setup

Everything seems to be there and the seller is asking $2899 for the whole deal. Even though it is rare, that seems like a lot of money for this combo an makes me wonder what kind of vehicle could justify that price? I doubt it would be for a casual restoration, and it surely wouldn’t be for a street use vehicle since you can get more efficient (and powerful) set ups for less money on the aftermarket. But I want to make it clear I’m not debating the price, I’m just surprised how much this crossram setup has gone up in value.

426 max wedge cross ram


I remember seeing similar complete setups for the 426 Max Wedge at swap meets in the early 1990’s for a few hundred bucks. Well, time marches on I suppose.

1963 plymouth max wedge


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